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Multistand Roving


Multistand Roving:

Fiberglass Multistand Roving are the base material of FRP. The roving can form the FRP of reinforcement by pultrusion and winding etc. widely used in chemical industry, high voltage insulating, construction, decoration etc.




Specification Type of Glass Filament Diameter (µm) Strand Treatment (TEX) Breaking strength (N/TEX) Moisture Content (%) Applicable Resin
EC9-265 E 9 Silane 256 ≥0.41 <0.5 Polyester or Epoxy add A1100
EC9-530 E 9 Silane 530 ≥0.41 <0.5
CC11-200 C 11 Silane 200 ≥0.41  
CC11-450 C 11 Silane 450 ≥0.41  

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