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Milk-bottle Build Package Yarn:

It is twisting yarn produced. It’s many yarns in a bobbin, and little burr, and
be used in advanced loom.

Filament diamentr:6-9 um.
TEX:24-136tex Plies
Numbers:1-4 plies 20-200 twists/meter .

Special product are available according to requirements of customers.


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Products Specifications:

Specification Type of Glass Filament Diameter (µm)   Strand Treatment (TEX) Breaking strength (N/TEX) Moisture Content (%) Applicable Resin
EC9-265 E 9 Silane 256 ≥0.41 <0.5 Polyester or Epoxy add A1100
EC9-530 E 9 Silane 530 ≥0.41 <0.5
CC11-200 C 11 Silane 200 ≥0.41  
CC11-450 C 11 Silane 450 ≥0.41  
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